Adjacent buildings

There are hundreds of flats and other residential properties right next to the site.

Key Facts

  1. Concrete batching and Asphalt plants produce dust, noise and air pollution, including hazardous fine particulate matter known to cause environmental and health issues. Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxides will produce continuous visible clouds which settle on the vegetation, soil and effects whole biotic life around. They are also a blight on the landscape, and do not create many jobs.

  2. According to Hurlstone Partnership environmental and transport assessment of July 2015, the 3 concrete batching plants will create only 20 jobs.

  3. We are not opposed to the creation of industry in the area, but there are industries that are better suited for being embedded in urban settings.

  4. LLDC has a commitment to deliver developments sympathetic to ’a set of design principles, closely aligned to the Olympic values and LLDC’s ambitions for the Park development’.

  5. The submitted proposal estimates that the site will require more than 900 HGVs per day to service it. That is an extra 1 heavy goods vehicle every 90 seconds rumbling through our neighbourhood day and night, increasing noise and air pollution. Or if limited to activity during daytime only, thats 1 HGV every 30 seconds.

  6. The LLDC planning committee alone that has the final decision on whether this development goes ahead. They make this decision on September 27th 2016.

  7. This proposal places at risk billions of pounds of private and public money that has already been invested in the ongoing effort to regenerate this previously underdeveloped area.

  8. The planning proposal submitted from the developers contains numerous and alarming errors, omissions and deliberately misleading statements designed to downplay the huge impact this project will have on existing local residents, businesses, and on the area’s environment.

  9. The planning application submitted contains many mandatory procedural requirements which the developer has failed to comply with, which the LLDC is required to take into account. Specifically, these relate to:

    1. Community outreach to the local residents - these have not been done
    2. Current Environmental Impact Assessments are inadequate

  10. The planning committee is made up of 13 members: 3 Legacy Corp Board members; 3 independent members, and 5 local councillors. Planning law requires committee members to enter the committee room with an open mind – one that is not predetermined. As local councillors make up less than half the committee, objections to this proposal by the relevant boroughs Newham and Tower Hamlets are therefore not alone sufficient to prevent approval for the proposal being given. There is also concern that some of the appointed Committee members have a conflict of interest over this proposed development.

  11. There is a reluctance on the part of key agents within the LLCD to engage in meaningful discussion about concerns or alternatives to the site. The proposed concrete batching development is at odds with the broader remit of the LLDC to provide ensure sustainable development and good design in the area.